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Eurotrofa S.A.

Founded 50 years ago - first as a sole proprietorship company, later converted into a bigger company, result of an association between its founder and his immediate family, two of whom are currently the company directors.

– and responsive to technological developments, we follow a market expansion policy, along with the development of the three main activity areas that define us.

At the present the company relies on extensive experience in both domestic and international markets, always aware of swiftness and effectiveness on what concerns our customers’ needs.

We offer a wide range of robust and quality-built hardware, marketing our own distinct brands:


Our large and modern facilities, designed and appropriate to meet the markets it represents, are located in an industrial area with quick access to the LOCAL harbor and airport.

Our modern automobile fleet allows us to fulfill a quick and efficient logistics service to our clients.


Equipments for construction, Fireplaces and wood burning stoves and agricultural machinery.

Since 1990 FORT® provides the building industry a wide range of products and equipments tailored to the sector’s requirements. Besides the proven quality of its product range FORT® excels for a quick and efficient service. Relying on a team that has experience in the sector, in order to fully satisfy the needs of its customers in an active and proactive way, always looking to develop new solutions that meet the constant market demands.

FORT® on the equipments for a superior quality construction.
Delivery, assistance and customer support.

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Featuring knowledge and experience on heating products, FORTLAR® offers a wide range of products and solutions for a demanding market regarding efficiency and reliability - with a modern and pleasant design.

FORTLAR® offers a range of secure, robust, functional, easy to install and with excellent yelds heating products.

Fireplaces, BBQs, Salamanders, Wood burning Stoves, Pellets burners, Accessories, etc.

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AGRICOL® brand is synonymous of a continuous strategical and technical development that allows us making available a wide range of products and equipments for Agriculture and Gardening purposes.

An ongoing commitment ensures you get the highest quality and responsiveness from each product.

Trimmers, Sowers, Vats, Buckets, Squeezers, Lawnmowers, etc, etc.

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Equipamentos Industriais e Agrícolas da Trofa, S.A.